How do I add a merit badge counselor in Scoutbook?

I keep getting an error message in scoutbook every time I try to add a merit badge counselor. I have the merit badge counselors name, address, BSA number, everything and scoutbook still says they can’t find the counselor. All the merit badge counselors are listed as current, merit badge counselors. They are active adult leaders I know, and scoutbook still gives me an error ! It’s frustrating. Does anyone have any advice .

Thank you

@CarolWalters what is the MID?

Thank you for replying so quickly. I am not sure what the MID is, but it is a message that says " the counselor you are adding doesn’t exist" or something to that effect. Just now, I was finally able to connect my scout to her counselor in scoutbook. With just the counselors name ? I was hoping I could take a screenshot of the error. I plug in all the required information and that error pops up out of the blue . Am I doing something wrong ? is there another way of connecting a counselor to a scout ? Any advice you have would help.

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What is the BSA # (MID) @CarolWalters

@CarolWalters What process are you using to try and connect the Scout?

Are you going through a Scout’s Connections page? Has the Scout started the merit badge in Scoutbook?

What is the MBC’s BSA member ID number (MID)?

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