How do I award the Bear rank in Scoutbook Plus?

I can’t figure out how to award the Bear rank in Scoutbook Plus. Where do I go to do this?


Part of the issue is that bulk entry failed to work in Scoutbook Plus. I had to go back in and enter requirements individually for scouts.

Also, requirements that are completed are not showing as such in Scoutbook Plus. Example below. All of these are completed except critter care, modular design, and yoyo. I’m not sure how those two ended up here.

@RyanHendrickson I think you are looking at Scout Profile Page - that is this - make sure scout is in Bear Den and Click View More

Then you go to this page which is much clearer.

Note: on all Adventure pages there is this Individual Quick Entry also

not sure I have tested QE for Past versions - but I do not see why it would fail - was working great - but will take a look

@RyanHendrickson On QE not working it looks like it is just a cache lag - all dates where on adventure for me but it still said Not Started - that is known and being worked on

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How long does it take for the cache lag to sync? The Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Webelos should all be marked in the next rank at this point. They’re all stuck in the previous one. I’m looking on the roster page: Internet Advancement

10 of 11 scouts in Den 3 also earned the Outdoor Activities Award. That was successfully entered in Scoutbook, but it’s only marked as “Started” in Scoutbook Plus.

You can clear the cache manually in your browser settings. Sometimes just closing your browser can do it.

Looks like Protect Yourself is the issue. Looking at other scouts in the Pack, they have Protect Yourself Approved & Awarded, yet the circle shows red and the status only says “started”.

Is this something to do with Protect Yourself showing up twice? Protect Yourself is showing up twice

I think there are two issues here… At least one in the Tiger den has the above issue where Protect Yourself shows awarded but the requirement is only started…

Some of the Bears are missing the below date:

I can’t verifiably say that date was entered into the old Scoutbook or not — for the Bears I will re-enter the date. For the Tigers, not sure what to do - I can get IDs.

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