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How do you approve Eagle palms after earning Eagle rank

how do you approve Eagle palms after Eagle is earned? Scout individual report shows 10% complete for 2nd silver palm. Additional earned merit badges are shown. Palm application has been approved by council.

Not sure what you mean -

  1. there is no Palm application anymore
  2. If the palm is earned with Eagle rank - use the same date as eagle BOR
  3. If palm is earned after Eagle - You wait 3 months from EBOR then approve

Thanks for the reply. As to answer #1: Denver Area Council requires a palm application and with its approval I can then purchase palm signa. They check previous palm and merit badge dates . #2 I agree. #3. This palm is earned after 3 months of previous palm. Per the individual advancement report, previous palm dates are shown. New pal is shown as 10% complete. So how do I approve this new palm?


If you need to force it complete - you click this box

A: Eagle Palms may be reported by the unit leader submitting an Advancement Report No. 34403, making the appropriate entry via Internet Advancement, or via Scoutbook once the option is available. The Eagle Scout Palm Application, form # 58-709, was previously discontinued since it is not necessary for Eagle Palms to be processed or approved at the council level.

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