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Saving Member Summary File

When I run an individual’s Member Summary report, it shows up on my screen, but there are no options to download or save. Please help. Using Chrome.

@ShaunaWilliams Do you mean the Activity Summary Report? Or something else? What path are you taking to get to this report?

Sorry about that. It’s the Advancement History. I used to get to it by clicking Member Summary. Now by checking the box next to the scout’s name, then ‘Run Report’ and ‘Advancement History’. It shows on the screen, and I can print it if I right-click, but don’t see any way to download or save it. I haven’t tried using another browser yet.

I understand now. The Advancement History Report in IA 2.0 does not currently have a pdf or csv option. We have requested it, but do not know when or if it might be added.

In the meantime, there are other reports that you might find helpful: such as the Scouts BSA History Report (Scoutbook and IA 2.0) and the Individual Advancement Record report (Scoutbook only).

Any idea what most people are using for their Eagle applicants?

Th Eagle Application should be all that they need. It is available in Scoutbook and IA 2.0. Most of the information is pre-filled, but the pdf is editable.

In Scoutbook:
select the Scout -> Reports -> Eagle Application

In IA 2.0:
On the Roster page, select the Scout -> Record Progress - Record Advancement -> Rank -> Eagle Scout
then you will see an option that says “Open Eagle application for:[name of Scout]”

@ShaunaWilliams - the Eagle Rank Application being certified by Council is sufficient and no further documentation is required.


The “Advancement History Report” available in Internet Advancement 2.0 (scoutbook.scouting.org) does not appear to have a native PDF option.

In our district we use the “Scouts BSA History Report” in Scoutbook (scoutbook.com). In Scoutbook, navigate to the Scout’s record. Click on “Reports” (near the bottom of the page) and select “Scouts BSA History Report”. Click on “PDF (Portrait)” and/or “PDF (Landscape)”.

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