How do you reach someone at Scoutbook?

How do you reach customer support at Scoutbook?

@ScottCampbell1 by saying on the forums what you need and we can look at it

Excellent - for some reason the addition of “being connected” to a scout is my difficulty. Maybe if you can direct me to how I can better understand how this “being connected” works. Is this something that I can initiate or how exactly does the process work now?

Before I would see a scout and I could just click on them and update requirements or mark complete. Now, I just get messages that say you must be connected to the scout.

Thankyou for your help. is a great resource

right now there is a bug for units that just rechartered though limiting some connections

Also, somehow I am not opted in for messaging and when I try to change it I get a message that says:

email address is same. how can i opt in?

If you opted out of emails - you use toggle above your image on the right

I opted out of the emails because the information that was being sent to me was not valid. I will forgo that, however when I toggle it requires me to “do something” -

Are you saying that I just need to toggle?

Great, I have hit toggle, can you tell if I am now in Opt-In status?

It must have worked, but very difficult. I would recommend making a note on that page that says if you are just wanting to move the toggle switch, then you don’t need to click next or add “any” additional information.

That page is very confusing

Also, FYI I searched the works ‘opt in’ on your help website link and nothing came up

This has been corrected

It seems pretty straight forward:
My Dashboard>My Account>Email>Messaging Opt out toggle.

It does seem as though you need to click save/next.

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