How does Internet Recharter, my.scouting, Scoutbook and Internet Advancement talk?

I am pretty frustrated with all these various platforms that seem to ignore each other…I am sure I am not understanding, please enlighten me. For example I had 2 scouts age out and I attempted to recharter them as Unit College and here’s what happened. In Scoutbook these 2 are listed as youth, at they are still listed as youth, at my.scouting they are not listed, on my recharter renewal report they are listed as adults and Unit College.

Can someone explain how these all interact?

What is the point of internet advancement if we have scoutbook?

What is the purpose of my.scouting and the legacy menu on the left with all those “tools?”

Thank you in advance, Zeek

Well you cannot just make someone a leader - they have to fill out adult app and CBC - did they do that? That will also slow down the recharter timing.

IA is for units using 3rd party software

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It’s possible your recharter hasn’t fully processed yet, especially if the council has to process new leader applications.

Yep, filled out a paper app, they did YPT as well.

So if you use SB then no reason to use IA…correct? I was told that IA was the only official copy of a scout’s progress and that SB pulls data from IA. I believe that to be wrong.

On the my.scouting and the leagcy tools…what is all that for and does what I do on my.scouting change anything in SB or IA?

SB and IA pull from the same database. IA is the only access to the Camping/Hiking/Service Logs.


And what database is that…I am just trying to wrap my head around what seeme like 3 different websites. And the my.scouting is for what in relation to advancemnt or recharter. 3 places with rosters doesn’t make sense to me.

IA and SB are portals to the advancement database (MYST) is a portal to the membership database

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thanks that makes sense…so does IA and SB update yet a third site/database? MYST is then only for memberhsip and rechartering?

Scouting databases have many user interfaces


There are several databases and user interface views. The datebases may not be on the same server machine as the user interface.

myScouting Tools (MYST) is the primary internet user interface portal for leader access to many Scouting Tools. Scoutbook has a view for units. Lone Scouting is managed by the council. The traditional Scouting website organization view is not the same as the one used by Scoutbook.

Scouting websites organization view (incomplete)


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