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Has anyone started using the new internet rechartering?
For there’s posts I have seen it looks like they still have some bugs to work out.
Now I do have a question. Currently I can go to my unit roster on my scouting and update members information such as a scouts family moves from one street to another or the email. I read that I will no longer be able to do this and that the, individual members of the unit will need to do their own updated. What are the steps that I need to pass to the adults/parents so they can update their information when and as needed.
Thank you. Stay safe.

Have you tried updating it in Scoutbook? I have had success making changes to profiles there.

Nothing is released yet, other than a training/testing sandbox. I don’t think anyone needs to roll out any training to parents until after rechartering, at which point (hopefully) we’ll all be comfortable enough with the new system to help parents along.

Making the address changes in scoutbook does not sync back to the other databases.

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Does anyone know when Internet Rechartering 2.0 is supposed to open? We were told October 15th, but there is no button in Internet Advancement for us to hit to recharter. Thank you.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one not seeing the link.

@JasonHuggins - that would be determined by your local council.

Typically in high tech, as long as a release is made by 11:59 PM in the developer’s local time zone, they are still on time.

Your council should be sending out a notification when it is open.