How to add a pack

My pack does not show up on Scoutbook or Internet Advancement - I only see our troop. How do I add our pack? This seems to be the only way to obtain rank badges for our scouts. Really confused how I am supposed to award badges this month if I am not allowed to purchase them.

@CoryBernadt - what is you registered position in the pack ?

@CoryBernadt you are not registered in a pack - if you are talking about Pack 500 it seems they are no longer chartered

Your are correct, we are pack 500. I am the current Cubmaster. It is a rotating position between the den leaders. I don’t know anything about the chartering process.

@CoryBernadt the Pack does not exist and has not for 2 years. Talk to your council

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you can go to and my profile > in middle of page you will see your registrations

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