How to add a parent to a scouts profile in Scoutbook

Before the edit profile link in a scouts account kicked you over to you were able to add a parent in the profile edit section of Scoutbook. I don’t see any way to add another adult to the scouts profile when you try to edit their profile. I would like to advise my new parents on how to take care of this themselves in Scoutbook without me having to add a connection to the scouts profile myself. Is this possible in the new format? If so could you please advise how the parent that is linked can add a spouse or grandparent to the profile?

Currently, adding connections is somewhat dysfunctional. The developers are aware of it, but it’s unclear where that issue sits in terms of priority relative to the issues caused by a recently pushed API update, which seems to have broken quite a number of things. Hopefully there’s enough development staff that the two issues are being addressed in parallel, assuming that fixing the API update isn’t a critical precursor to fixing the connections issue.

I agree with what Charley said, but also, it is under connections, not their profile.

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Thank for the help and quick response.

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