How to add in a scout that left as well as bring over new scouts from Webelos II

I have a scout that left for 6 month, fell off the charter and now wants back in. How do I readd so all his merit badges come back with him?

Also how do I bring in Webelo’s II who are crossing over without having to add them as new?


@ScottCampbell3 The missing scout has to re-register

To transfer in Cubs look at this pdf
MYST Transfer in tool Unit.pdf (94.8 KB)

For the scout coming back from taking 6 months off is there any history to bring back in so he doesn’t have to redo all his merit badges?

It is all still in the SB Database - just note on application that it is a returning scout so council finds the right BSA #

Thanks and for the Transfer in you cannot simply go by name you need the BSA# and DOB is there a way around that?

They can fill out applications if you do not want to use the online.

Thank You…I was hoping to search the Data Base for them but I guess not. I will get a list from the Webelos Pack Leader…appreciate the help.

Or Pack can send to the troop

MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

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