How to add second parent as a connection

My husband is currently a den leader, but because I created the kids profiles first, we are unable to link him to their profiles. I tried sending him an invite but it said he was already in the system. How do I find him so I can connect him to their profiles in Scoutbook?

@NehaPowell if he is den leader of your Scouts den - Go to Scout > Connections > find Husbands name and click it > then click the Parent checkbox

He isn’t showing up on the list under her connections.

He is my son’s den leader so he showed up under his connections, but not my daughter’s


A unit admin can go to Connections Manager for the unit, connect him to your daughter by clicking on the intersection of their names and selecting a check box. After doing this he or an admin can go to his connection page, select your daughter’s name then set the Parent/Guardian check box.

I have the same problem. Except I am the Cubmaster with Pack Admin ability and I cannot add my wife to our Lion who just joined.

When going to my new Lion’s connections, everything I type in the “Search for Existing User” comes up empty. When I go to the Connections Manager off the Roster page, I can only set her connection as “view profile”.

Is there another way to do this? I fear if I “add a new user” in the Lion’s connection page, I am going to duplicate my wife’s account.

I don’t want to jinx you helping me, but I see your name on a lot of posts, so I know you have a lot of pull. Why is scoutbook broken in so many ways? Doing simple things like this should not be a problem. I can’t add a connection because BOTH approaches are both uniquely not working.

The search system is not working correctly right now. After setting her connection as “View” in Connections Manager, go to the scout’s connections (where she should now show up) and change the connection type there to Parent/Guardian.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 12.55.29 PM

Parents can log in and click the Red text under My Connections to connect to their Scout as well

@CharleyHamilton @edavignon

Thank you. That accomplished what I needed.

I am for Cub Scouts and the BSA and have been a long time. The BSA really needs to throw some investment in this system because these types of dances to get something done is a real time waster – across the whole country. This is my least favorite thing about scouts.

Again, thank you.

@DonovanMcNeil’s approach above is a lot cleaner, and the system worked OK before the search broke. It appears to be more challenging than anticipated to fix the search overall, given how long development has been banging away at it since the issue was first reported.

Because your wife was already connected, another way would be:

  1. Go to the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on the name of the parent.
  3. Then update the relationship to the Scout to add “Parent/Guardian”.
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