How to assist parents with userid/pwd problems?

Parent with BSA id 128263377 that does not know his userid/pwd.
In the parent connection to the scout, I can see that the parent’s email address and phone numbers are old. The forgot userid option in my.scouting using his BSAid/DOB combination is not recognized. I’m not sure how to verify his BSAid. This parent is not a registered adult so does not show up on the rosters. However, he does show up in the option for who attended activities in Internet advancement. I do not understand the difference in records between registered adults and parents. It’s very difficult to get parents to use scoutbook because there are so many issues to overcome just to get them signed in. That parent took YPT previously and now I can’t get him signed in.

As the records chair for this troop, what can I do to help this parent get signed onto my.scouting/scoutbook? It doesn’t look like I can assist in correcting any outdated information as I cannot seem to even find his record.

@TwilaLytle that number does not exist that I see - can you check it again?

The last time he was given a card was December 2017 and the id is 128263377
Have since moved on from Cubscout pack 991 to boyscout Troop 1131 so maybe his id is no longer valid since he is no longer a leader? He is connected to his kids’ Scoutbook record BSA# 128263376, but I can not see his BSAid since the profile moved to Internet Advancement. How do I figure out what is userid/password is.

This user has your last name?

@TwilaLytle It looks like the BSA member number for this parent is 12439816. The other one no longer exists.

Your local council should be able to update the e-mail address. They can also reset the password, if needed.

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This id is my husband. I’m trying to get people onto scoutbook and always run into problems because they don’t remember their userid/pwd and the recover option does not work. The birth date which is used for recovery never seems to be correct. Are arbitrary birth dates entered, because that always seems to be the problem with parents who forgot their userid/password in the past? As the records chair, I could see the BSA id before the profile change, now I can’t even help the parents with that. Why are new BSA id was issued? You had a record of my husband being a Cubscout leader for 9 years and you did background checks on him. Why would that id and information no longer exist and a new id issued? Why would you throw away that valuable information about a former volunteer?

Furthermore, my hands are tied as far as helping parents get onto scoutbook and therefore, I cannot get them to setup ids for their scouts so they can enter their own advancement and activities. Getting onto scoutbook should be an easy process. Only the most diligent parents actually seem to use it.

I will find out who to reach out to in my local district for userid/password issues.

@TwilaLytle His registration history exists under BSA member number 12439816. What probably happened is your local council merged his BSA member numbers (under the old ScoutNet system), and 12439816 is the one that remained after the merge.

What happens when units create Scoutbook accounts for adults is that they create BSA member numbers with a blank (null) date of birth. It is better if units direct parents / adults to my.scouting to create their own account there, because it will include their date of birth and there is a smaller chance of typos.

@TwilaLytle Because you are a unit Admin, there is another way you can get BSA member numbers for your parents in Scoutbook.

Using Roster Builder Manager (different from Report Builder Manager), create a report that selects the adults that you want. Under “Settings”, select “Show BSA Member ID”.

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Thanks that helps, I’ve had a lot of duplicate BSA ids for parents lots of military here moving around. I’ll take a look at Roster Builder to hopefully see Parents BSA id which I need to communicate with the forum. When the profile was under Scoutbook, I saw both the BSAid and something that I thought was the Scoutbook userid. Do I need that information and is there any way I can get it now that the profile has moved to Internet Advancement?

We can work with the BSA member number or the Scoutbook userID (please specify which one you are providing). We do not usually need both.

If we need more information, we can start a private message.

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