Scoutbook userid issues

Parent has 2 BSA ids 132476405 has the correct address and phone number
13198581 has the correct email address. Please merge these two ids saving the correct information

Another parent 108807917 says his birthdate is incorrect, so he had difficulties using forgot userid/pwd options. Birthdate should be XX/XX/XXXX (not X-X-XXXX) and he could not change it online.
He would like to change his user name. For some reason it is using numbers and he cannot remember the user name. How should I him to change his username?

@TwilaLytle I sent you a private message.

Please do not close yet. Trying to verification from parent on which of the 3 ids to use. Also trying to get the DOB changed on 108807917 so he can logon and change pwd.

@TwilaLytle look at top right of screen the Orange Circle - should have a green dot 1 - the private message is there

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