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How to award belt loop to a Den?

I’m new to IA2 and feel that it is missing a very basic feature. How do you award a belt loop to an entire Den? If a Den of Bears completes Baloo the Builder at a den meeting and we want to make the advancement, how can I easily select these 6-8 scouts from the list to award them all at once? I pull up IA2 and it lists all scouts in my pack in alphabetical order. This is no help. The only option to help sort them is by Last Rank Approved. This sorting option seems useless. I can’t sort by CURRENT rank to find the Bears. I can look at Last Rank of Wolf, but then some scouts might be new and their last rank is Bobcat. Am I missing something?

You just go through and click the check mark by each scout then click record advancements. IA2 does not have sub-units. If you want sub-units I would suggest transitioning to Scoutbook.com

@PaulHample - I would also add that the prior version of IA did not have dens either so the same thing. If you are using a third party tracking app then you could enter it taht way and whom ever submits the upload file will capture that.

So here is on opportunity for a simple enhancement. Allow us to sort by CURRENT rank. It would make it so much easier to award multiple scouts at once for awards that almost always earned simultaneously as a Den.

I can’t imagine that everyone is content using IA2 by tediously updating individual scouts or hunting through lists to find multiple names.

@PaulHample - by current rank do you mean they den level they are in ? As was noted the prior IA like the current does not have den structures. I gather you never used the old IA as it was the same process.

How would IA know what rank they are currently working on? That’s not info that’s in the membership DBs anywhere.

Yes, by current rank I mean the den level they are currently in. If I recall, the old IA had scouts categorized by Tiger, Cubs and Webelos, so with some improvement in version 2.0 it would be great to have scouts categorized by individual rank. If this is not explicitly stored in the member DB, it could be done by grade level, which is stored. Grade and Rank are both noted on a youth application, so they should be stored in a DB. From there, I expect only a very minuscule amount would not reflect correctly.

The old IA grouped Cub Scouts by program level, which is not exactly the same as den level. Program level meant:

  • Lions
  • Tigers
  • Wolves / Bears
  • Webelos

So there was no way to distinguish between some of the den levels.

@PaulHample - i have looked through member manager in MYST and have not found the grade level to be stored in a visible location.