How to connect a parent when the Council mistyped their email address?

  • this parent just emailed me to say he received an email from Scoutbook (the invite I sent, I assume) - so that’s a success as well. I’ll update when he sets up his account (or reports any difficulties).

@NadezhdaAnikeev - looks like you are making good progress.

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For this one, the username is spelled wrong, because the e-mail had a typo in it when it was entered orginally.

I would recommend sending this parent to my.Scouting and ask him to create an account for himself there. When he creates his account, he should try to connect to his already existing BSA member ID number 140147709.

As a best practice, I would recommend that you ask parents to create accounts for themselves at my.Scouting instead of creating accounts for them inside of Scoutbook.

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