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Wrong parents invited to connect

I sent an invite to a parent, and all the information that I can see is correct. When I added the connection, I checked to make sure it was the right person. However, I got an email from a parent in a totally different pack saying her husband had been invited to connect with the scout in my pack. How can this be fixed or double checked???

Is it the same name or a similar email address such that their could have been a typo?

I think if they have not accepted the invite it can be deleted under the connection (or that is being added)

I have tried to delete the connection, but it says there is an issue and the webmaster has been notified. The last names are the same. Maybe the father’s names are the same as well- the person who let me know was the wrong scout’s mother.

Definitely double check that you have the right email address for the father. That could be the entire issue.

Since you are getting a Whoops message, send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the Scout’s name, wrong connection name, unit and council. Ask them to delete the connection.

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