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How to easily add amount due from charter into Scoutbook?

I want to use the payment log in Scoutbook to record what Scouts/Adults owe what from the charter. Is there an easy way to export this data from the charter and into Scoutbook? I thought I would at least be able to download a copy of what is due on the charter into excel so I could sort and group by amount due and then use Quick Entry but it doesn’t even seem like I can download this info. Anyone have any other ideas on how to do this besides just going one by one, adding the amount due in Scoutbook?

I’m confused by what you are trying to do. Doesn’t everyone owe the same amount?

No. Some are adults and owe adult fees, vs scout fees. At some point in recent past, National started charging ALL of the 2022 costs so those scouts owe $0, vs the ones who owe the full amount. Some have Boys Life, some don’t.

There is a Payment Log Quick Entry in Scoutbook not not an import capability. A unit admin can go to the unit page, select Quick Entry then Payment Log and enter multiple charges at one time.

Thanks Ed, I’m aware of the Quick Entry capability. What I wound up doing was copying the entire table from Internet Rechartering in the browser and pasted into excel and then sorted by the amount due and then did a quick entry in scoutbook, per amount due (one for those who owe $57, one for $69, $102, $114, etc)

I was thinking you’d only have two amounts: one for scouts and one for adults. But making SL optional can change that. And I’m surprised you have adults wanting SL.

I guess if you had a big unit, you could have at least 8 different values.

Scouts with SL
Adults with SL
New Scouts registered as part of recharter $25
New Scouts registered as part of recharter $25 w/ SL
Scouts who prepaid who want SL

Scouts who registered online who prepaid $0
People who have multipled $0

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