How to find the status of an escalate ticket (or escalated it further)?

What do I do to find out how to move this along?

I have a Scout who earned the AoL in their Webelos den. When they crossed over, they ended up having 2 Scoutbook entries. When their entries were merged, they “lost” their AoL record. The registrar assures me it is “in Scoutnet properly”, but it doesn’t show up in Scoutbook.

The registrar entered a ticket on 7/10. We heard no response and on 7/23 I entered a new ticket, referenced the old, and said “please fix”. Quickly on 7/24 support responded with “I am escalating this issue to our admin development team to look into this further.”. I was like great, this will now get fixed. It has now been 12 days and nothing.

@Matt.Johnson what is #

Second/Current Ticket: Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-72868

Registrar’s Original: Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-71151

Thank you!

looks like the registrars they think is resolved - I will follow up with staff on the other

Thank you so much! You guys that provide the volunteer support here MAKE the product work. Without you, it would suffer so much.

Thank you! It has been resolved. We now have NO outstanding issues. Again, you and your other advisory council members, along with many others, make Scoutbook work.

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