How to fix den advancement mistake?

I think so, but I wouldn’t recommend it in case something goes wrong until after you are finished adding the new den. That way, you have a backup plan.


OK, so the new Tiger Den is all set up except it has no leaders. I figured out how to do it but keep running into that error

What are you doing when you get the Whoops error? It won’t be fixed unless it is reported in the forums and a member of the SUAC reports it to the developers.

I am adding a den leader to a den.
I clicked Add Leader then typed in the name to search, it finds it. Then I select Tiger Den leader as the “Den Position #1” then selected Tiger.
Scrolled down and hit Submit den.
That’s when that error message pops up


Are you trying to add yourself as a Tiger Den Leader? If so, go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Positions and click +Add.

If you are trying to add another adult that is already a leader in the unit, go to the pack roster, select the adult’s name then click +Add.

Thank you!! All set!

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