Reports for MB awards

Posting this on behalf of our troop Advancements chair. We seem to be missing some scouts when we are trying to run report for awards. We are having issues with getting an accurate result from the report that is supposed to give all scouts approved in scoutbook but pending awards.
Here is the report criteria:
Start Date for Approved Awards: 12/07/2023
End Date for Approved Awards: 03/01/2024

Select “not awarded regardless of date range”
Select: “award type”

When I do this, we are not getting the few Scouts that were approved in November 2023, but haven’t been awarded yet.

If we DO NOT select “not awarded regardless of date range” - then we get pages and pages of results with dates back to 2011.

Appreciate any pointers on how to remedy this situation.

@SunilMurthy what report are you running?

Hi Donovan,
Our advancement chair is using a report called “Troop recognition report” for COH prep. This is the report that is currently either missing few scouts who are approved and not yet awarded if we give the date ranges or it will pull in multiple pages of result when we do not give the date ranges.
Appreciate any pointers…

@SunilMurthy - what shows in the needs approval and needs purchasing reports ?

Those reports show accurate scouts. The issue is the report to pull those scouts completed and approved who need to be awarded ( COH purposes)

@SunilMurthy - are the scouts in question on the needs approval report. If so, then someone needs to do the approval

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