The Calendar editor leadership role - isit a true leadership role?

Meaning If I assign it and approve it, will the recipient accrue leadership hours towards a rank? This role is not a leadership role and we want to give many of the scouts who are creating events - eagle projects, campouts etc. access to create events and also record attendance. But we don’t want to give them leadership credit for it.

I’d suggest reading the requirements and asking your council for clarification on which count.

Scoutbook leadership roles include more than just those that count for rank advancement. Some, like calendar editor, have specific functionality attached to them.

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By itself, it is not a true leadership role. However, some units give the calendar editor role to youth who already hold another position, such as SPL, ASPL, Patrol Leader, Scribe, Webmaster, etc.

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I read your question as “Do positions of responsibility in Scoutbook automatically get credited for rank advancement by the software?”. The answer to that is no. A registered scouter with the relevant Edit Advancement or Full Control permissions has to mark the requirement(s) Leader Approved in order for them to “credit” in Scoutbook.

Does that get at what you were after?

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