Merit Badge Counselors For Scouts

Add a page for scouts to find merit badge counselors. When they find one they can click the counselor and send a request to the key 3 members to get approved to use that counselor. This would be super helpful for trying to complete merit badges.

This is an often-requested, and always rejected, feature.

The Guide to Advancement ( specifically directs that MBC lists not be provided directly to youth in

Limit access to those who have merit badge-related responsibilities, such as advancement committee members and chairs, or unit leaders and selected assistants. Scouts should not have access. Their interaction with the Scoutmaster in discussing work on a badge, and obtaining a counselor’s name, is
an important part of the merit badge plan.

Emphasis added.

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Well the issue with that is it goes directly against the BSA Guide to Advancements - so until the guiding documents change that is not an option

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If you wish to see such a change, you will first need to convince your Council Advancement Committee that it is a good idea. The Council would then need to work to get the Guide to Advancement changed. Only after that happens can Scoutbook be updated to provide such a feature.


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