How to mark the COR the COR and Committee Chair?

The user guide acknowledges that the COR is the only position that can hold 2 positions in a unit. This is covered under the “multipling” section. This year in 2 of my units our COR is stepping down to be ASM and I will become the committee chair and COR. So, I can set him to be the ASM. I then set myself to COR. It isn’t clear how I mark myself as COR and CC. I tried to “multiple” in the unit, but it doesn’t list the unit in the drop down.

can you do it in my.scouting?

No, it is greyed out there. I am the COR delegate, and I can make all other position changes (have done so). I assume this stops a coup or munity. :slight_smile:

can the old COR make you COR there?

I will follow-up and report back here.

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Hi there: So, changes to the Unit Key 3 as you are already registered needs a new Adult Application. I use the PDF version. The current COR will sign and then you will be registered in that position once processed through the Council Registar. That said, the COR delegate is only for online based processes. It does not include any physical signatures or other duties. This was discussed at our recent Commissioner’s Retreat when the Registar was there. With that, our Registar when seeing these changes will set the Adult who is being replaced as a Committee Member. I suspect if you communicate to the Registar that the soon to be former COR will be an ASM, that can happen at that time.

Fun note: Current COR will need to sign off on the change. If, the Registar needs further sign-off, then they go to the Institutional Head who appoints the COR. Which, I have seen the IH, COR and CC be the same person. Fun times.

Hopefully that helps to answer or shed light on this type of transition.

This isn’t quite true. It may be true for COR, but 2 back months COR was able to remove the old CC from our Pack and make me the new CC. This is done in Position Manager without a new application. Once COR delegate, I can approve online adult applications just like a COR would with a physical signature.

Per Donovan, I’m having the COR see if he can swap my positions in position manager.

From an internet recharter standpoint, I am able to set myself as the new COR, but the only thing the system complains about is the unit missing the CC.

Let’s say the current COR was to become also the CC. How does one do that in the internet recharter? As an experiment, I set the old COR back to COR and me to MC. I can’t set the COR as CC in the system.

If it can’t be done in the system, and requires a paper app, then that should be noted in the “Internet Recharter User’s Guide”. It surely implies that this is done via multiplying in the same unit.

The documentation says this is preferred, but not required. Any of the key 3 can sign off if a discussion has taken place.

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Hi there: I was generally aware of that, but thank you for the overall clarificication.

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@AdamCox and @DonovanMcNeil

I thought about it and tried it. What they fixed yesterday or Today was to be able to multiple in the same unit. So, it wasn’t a “permissions” thing without being COR all along. I am only the CC with COR delegation, not sure if a CC only can do this.

This procedure or clarity of it really should be added to the guide. Maybe even one sentence that says when you multiple COR into the same unit, you add them as a “new member to the unit” and “existing member” of Scouting and they will show up with a second entry in the recharter. So, you do this even though they are already listed.

  1. Set the person who will be COR as the COR.
  2. Put a check in front of their name, go to the “Manage Members” menu. Choose “Mark as a multiple”.
  3. They then get the plus next to the silhouette picture.
  4. Go to the “Manage Members” menu and choose “Add New Member”, then “Existing Member”
  5. Fill out the form with adult, the BSA id, birthday, and choose under “Primary Position in Unit” either Committee Chair or Committee Member.
  6. Add member.
  7. You now have the member, shown twice, with one role being COR and the other being Committee Chair or Committee Member.