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How to post Bugs in Recharter

They were imported with the load roaster. They’ve always had 2 positions in the unit.

Try marking one of them as multiple for your unit and see if that fixes it.

You can not multiple to the unit you are working on. It is not available as a selection on the make multiple selection box when typing the type, then the unit.

he means enter new member > existing

That’s fine about the clarification on adding, but I’m not adding anyone. These are people already in my unit and on my charter. With the new system; I’m being asked to pay twice for the same person. Once for each position that the same person holds. I have this same scenario is 3 other units. One person holding multiple positions and having to pay for each position held. I was hoping it can be fixed before I submit the charters. Otherwise, I need a refund for the over payment.

@GlennHarbin yes Developers are already looking at that for you - just trying to think of solutions - you could remove one and add back with new member > existing

Troop 1B (TAC-802) cannot move a newly registered ASM into the SM position in the recharter. Error message reads: Error Update to prepaid member record is not allowed.
Unit cannot recharter until this error is fixed and the registrar has no idea why it is giving this error message. ID#12398863 is the newly registered ASM moving to SM. How can this be fixed?

@SarahNorman was this an online application? If so they already paid for 2022 and that might be confusing system

@SarahNorman I also think the easy fix is keep the same SM for recharter - and once processed COR can change SM in my.scouting > Positions Manager

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@SarahNorman you have to add them as an additional member again. For some reason when somebody is added they do not show as a “real member”. Just use their information and add them yourself and it should let you go through.

The new ASM was an online registration and is prepaid for 2022. The unit is trying to move them in the recharter from the ASM position to the SM position and it will not let them. Registering the former SM is not an option to advise, as the former SM is no longer associated in any way with the unit and registering him would be without his consent.

@JohnGeiser do you mean have the unit add him on their recharter as an additional member? I do not think the system will allow it as he already has a position in the unit as an ASM.

Unit is reporting that they have 4 scouts that registered online and are paid through 2022. The unit is rechartering through IA, but the scouts do not appear anywhere on the IA roster. Correct me if I am wrong, but the youth should show as 0.00 owed, but still be on the roster in IA?

@SarahNorman of the 4 MIDs above - the first 3 just registered - they may need to click the Refresh Roster in Recharter - the 4th MID has no registrations

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If he was put into the system by the registrar, even though he is showing on the roster, the recharter system cannot “see” him. It’s a bug to be sure. The work around that I have found is to add them as an additional leader. Because the system does not “see” them it will let you add them and continue with the recharter process. That second “person” you should be able to change the position on to get your SM position for rechartering.

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#12608312- I can not print my roster. Also, I am trying to change a position and it won’t allow me to do so.

We got the 4 youth registered above by having the unit leader add existing members and it worked. I had my unit who cannot move their ASM to SM position try the same and it didn’t work. No one at the unit level has the ability to move the ASM to SM and we are running out of options. I put in a help ticket to support and they have come back with nothing in over a week. Really frustrating for the unit since they cannot recharter.

@SarahNorman This has been reported to the developers. But in the meantime, is it possible for the COR or COR delegate to use position manager within my.scouting.org to change their positions outside of recharter? Then, go back to recharter and hit the refresh button.

Unfortunately the CR cannot move the leader in position manager either. This is due to a problem we have also requested help with, as a number of our adult leaders are not showing as having their CBC done, the list varies from long time Scouters to ones that have just registered.

Hello I am a COR Cub Scout Pack 381 who has submitted my recharter. These are the errors/issues we encountered. My number is 13629689. Prior to hitting submit, I “Printed the roster” to view my list it was accurate except two adult leaders were still listed. I have removed them and they were listed in my removed list. When I submitted my recharter they were not on the list. That is the good news. :slight_smile: We had many errors on our Recharter. 1. 4 youth were listed that are not on our roster. 2. 1 youth was not listed but is on my roster. 3. one youth should be getting a Scout Life and on his account it says so, but on the Recharter he is listed as no. Finally it would be immensely helpful to see this document prior to hitting submit. All I can at this point it take it to the district office and mark the errors. We fully understand this is a new program and there are many bugs to be worked out.