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How to post Bugs in Recharter

Sounds like good feedback.

We haven’t hit submit yet, but you do get a “final chartered roster” report at the end? You can’t see this before hitting submit, so that stinks.

If so, it would be great to keep the current “before” and then show an unofficial “after”. The after can be marked clearly as unsubmitted.

Hi Matt, yes that is correct. You do not get to see a final version before you hit submit. You see see the popup of what you pay. I wrongly assumed the Print Roster in the ReCharter area would be the same. I have a copy of mine. This is what I will show our District office when I hand in the form as it is different from the one the Recharter gave me (missing a kid, extra kids on there that should be…). YES! keep a copy of that “Print Roster” before you hit submit.

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And refresh often…as it was in the scoutnet version

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New problem - unit leader completed recharter and received this error message:

Any thoughts on what the issue is?

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And another Unit with the same error message. I asked the unit leader how they were trying to pay, for information, US Credit Card with US billing address. We now have 5 units that have hit this brick wall.

@SarahNorman - because photos of screens drive me nuts I offer this

@SarahNorman can this error be reproduced once it is displayed? if so we can setup a screenshare

These are the images the leaders sent me. I am aware of how to take a screenshot, thanks.

I am not the unit leader encountering the errors. These are being sent to me by the units in my district.

Unit CR received the signature email for the unit recharter. When she looked at the roster there are several adults and youth that should not be on the recharter. Does the roster that the CR sees show the old roster or the recharter roster? If it is supposed to show the recharter roster, why is the system not removing the members? Now that the recharter has been validated, is Council still able to reset the recharter to start again, if needed? Thanks!