How to put in Parent BSA certifications from camp?

Does anyone know how parent certifications from camp or MB days get logged in? We have 4 parents who completed IOLS at Big Horn, Emerald Bay, and Fiesta Island. Another one completed Assistant Scoutmaster Training at a MB Day.

@AileenGum - a unit key 3 can enter them at if they are on the unit roster. I have personally never entered training for a non-registered parent.

If it’s in-council, someone at the council level often logs those.


Hi @AileenGum,

Sorry, this is a long answer because things get a bit complicated when entering training for an adult not on the unit roster.

For adults on the unit roster, the unit Key 3 can enter training; typically just showing them the certificate provides enough data for this to happen.

For adults not on the roster, someone at council (for me, the registrar) can look up the person and add their training. If the adult is not in the system (an oddity as everyone camping with a troop is to be registered now) for a variety of reasons, then an account needs to be created for them. Don’t create an account until the system is checked - folks get an account for a number of reasons and sometimes never know it exists. The registrar can create it in AKELA database if they are given the information. Or the adult can create an account at My.Scouting, then talk to the registrar to have the parent connection made in AKELA.


In addition to unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegates and the Unit Training Chair can also enter training for youth and registered adult leaders on the unit’s roster at my.Scouting. They would have access to the Training Manager at my.Scouting.