How to remove a "Mark As Multiple" on Recharter

I incorrectly assigned someone as being registered with another unit. There appears to be no way to remove it? Please help.

I have the same issue. I need to remove the multiple.

This has been reported to the developers and they are working to correct it.
As a workaround: The council has the ability to delete and reset the recharter if the unit wishes.

In the recharter roster building I added a member who is an existing member of another unit and the adult was added as a multiple with no fee, BUT the adult intends for my unit to be the primary (and only) unit in the new membership year. I don’t want the member to be dropped from my unit when the current, but soon to be former, primary unit does not include the adult on their roster for the new membership year. Any recommendations on how to prevent the adult from having a membership gap?

@BarbaraB I would recommend contacting your council for guidance.

I have the same issue.

@AlanTolley - here is this:

I believe the correct path would be to have the former unit transfer them to your unit. It is council by council and organization by organization if this can be done in my.scouting or needs a paper app. I suggest talking to you DE to find out the best way to do this.

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