Member Marked as Multiple Twice, need Primary Paid registration

I have a unit that marked their COR/CC as a multiple for both roles. He should not be a multiple as the COR as this is the paid position in the recharter. There previously was a button to undo mark as multiple, but that is now not an option. Is there a way on the admin side to remove the designation of multiple for the COR role?

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@SarahNorman - are there any other units under that charter org ? I had done the same thing, but was able to use the unmark as multiple for the COR in another unit.

There is but he also marked as a double multiple and there is no way to undo it on either rosters.

@SarahNorman - the best bet is for the registrar to reset the recharter.

Issue resolved by resetting the charter. Thank you!

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