I need to unmark two members as multiples. The option is not available in the “manage members” drop down menu.

Just to clarify, in Internet Recharter, you:

  1. Check the box next to the person’s name.
  2. You click “Manage Members”
  3. and “Unmark As Multiple” is not available?

@LauraSzabo Select the user and click manage member. Then “Unmark Multiple”

Correct. I can see that it’s an option but it’s faded and not clickable.

Could you please post the BSA member numbers for the individuals you are having difficulty with?

I have a similar issue, the option is grayed out for us as well. (Since marking the adult, we reached a different agreement with the other unit)

BSA# 133631957


#14002712 (this one also doesn’t have his YPT show up on the recharter software. it comes up in the report.)

@LauraSzabo Which positions are you trying to remove?

If the individual shows up twice on your Recharter roster, please try removing one with the “Remove From Recharter” button.

That worked! Thank you. When removed one of the duplicate entries I was then able to unmark the multiple.

Any idea why YPT isn’t showing up on the recharter for this person #14002712

@LauraSzabo Have you tried “Refresh Roster”?

Yes, and I’ve logged in and out several times.

@LauraSzabo The only thing I could find was that the leader’s District was not set correctly in Scoutbook. I have fixed it.

Could you try clearing your browser cache and cookies?

Hi, I did all of that and it’s still not showing up. I even tried it on a different browser. With out the YPT showing up i can’t make his position paid. Thanks for your help with this!

I have reported this issue to the developers.

@LauraSzabo 14002712 should be fixed in Recharter.

Thank you so much for your help!!

This may be still broken for all. BSA ID: 135549993. I marked myself multiple in 4201, but should only be so in 1401 and 1201, not 4201. The option is still greyed out even though I put one check box on one entry, I get nothing, I put a check on both roles, I get nothing.

Longer story: I am both the CC and COR in 4201. So, I marked multiple in the same unit. I am not sure if that gave me $0.00 on accident (bug) or if I made a mistake and multiple’d into another unit as well. I’m pretty complicated. I’m in 3 units and will be CC/COR in 2 and COR in the other.