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How to update Roster for adults and Scouts?

We recently had a group of our scouts who are now aging out and have become eagle do we archive and retire these scouts in scout book and older members?

Also there are older committee chair and parents in the roster how does that get updated?

  1. Go to the [Scout]'s Leadership page in Scoutbook and make sure that all current leadership positions are ended.
  2. Remove any connections between adults and Scouts that are no longer needed (except Admins and parents).
  3. Some units like to move the Scout into an inactive patrol until the end of the charter year.
  4. Or you can go to each [Scout]'s Membership page in Scoutbook and add a Date Ended to their Current Membership with your troop.

For adults who are no longer with your troop, you can go to the Troop Roster page, click on their name, click on their current position / role with your troop, and then add a Date Ended. When you have finished, you can use the Clean Old Connections button on the Troop Roster page to remove any connections between Scouts and adults that are no longer needed.

Please note that changing your roster in Scoutbook will not change your official roster at my.scouting.org.

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