How to use Cit in Society toward an Eagle palm for a scout that earned rank before Cit in Society was required?

I have a scout that earned Eagle on June 2, 2022. He is currently working on his gold Eagle palm. Finished Citizenship in Society. Everything was recorded by MBC on scoutbook and approved by unit leaders, but this MB is being recorded under Eagle rank requirements for the scout instead of his Eagle palm. How do we fix this?

Is SB not assigning 5 MBs to the Palm because of this? SB doesn’t care which MBs are used, just that there are enough. If it will let you complete the Gold Palm, go ahead and do so, even if the MBs are not the ones you think should apply to the Palm.

We are still one MB short for the gold palm (the fifth has been finished, but not marked as complete yet by MBC), but there is an error message that shows up when you try to click box 4. The checkbox is for visual purposes only and cannot be checked or unchecked. We automatically show a checkbox here when all sub-requirements are completed. There are 2 currently showing as incomplete for the palm, but citizenship in society should count as the 4th. Under the Eagle rank requirements it says to click on 2016 if the scout completed requirements prior to July 1, 2022, but that option doesn’t show up on my end. It only shows 2022-23.

Post the scouts BSA member ID (no name) and we will look.

Here’s the number 132951522

That is because you have that scout set to the 2022 version of the Eagle Rank. Your council would have to send in a ticket to change the version to the older version for Scoutbook to work properly.

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