I am getting an error when trying to add a new adult leader regarding the BSA ID

Here is the error I receive:

MemberId should be from the same council of the organizationGuid in the request. They are a transfer from another council, should they have a new BSA ID?

Yes. What is the BSA member number? (No names, please)

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Correct. BSA member IDs are council-specific, in addition to being unique to the individual. There are historical reasons, and (hopefully) the BSA is moving towards eliminating that issue.

In the interim, the adult needs to submit a transfer application, either online if your unit permits them, or in hardcopy. They should make sure to include their current BSA ID, and make sure they use the same spelling of their name, to minimize chances of an entirely new account being created.

ETA: Jennifer got there first again (as usual)!

They show properly in our council and pack in Scoutbook, so I thought the transfer was correct.

BSA ID 135693723

@IainBarksdale that leader does not appear to be registered as adult in your council - they need to fill out an adult applicaiton


@IainBarksdale She does not have a BSA member number in your council.