I am no longer receiving the emails that I send from Scoutbook

Good evening,

 As of 11/14 (last email received) I stopped getting copied on Scoutbook emails and reminders. I checked the opt out but it is still se correctly. I changed to my secondary email in Internet Advancement. My wife (Committee Member) gets the emails when I test send so they are going out. What gives and how do I fix it? 

 Thanks - Bill

@WilliamMount - it is a black list issue again. There is a notice banner posted on scoutbook about the email issue

I do not see it? Thank you, most of our people are receiving but neither of my emails… UGH! It is huge right now. Thanks - Bill

Well I’ll be darned… Now it is there. - Bill

Recently I noticed that I am not receiving e mails sent via Scout Book. Not sure why. How can I get this resolved?

BTW is the “Help form” here stops taking new posts? I could not find a way to post a new question, which is odd considering this appears to be the place where we can seek help regarding the using of Scout Book. Thank you.

Scoutbook is blacklisted by a Spam house @EricChang

What does that mean and is a solution being worked on?

Also, several people have asked how to post a new question here. Is that also impacted by the same SPAM related issues?

It means Emails are going out - being marked as SPAM - so most services either do not deliver them or put them in JUNK. Many solutions are being worked on. Main issue is units sending out too many reminders in my book.

To post a topic go to a Category or Sub-Category and Click the + New Topic button

Thank you for the information.

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