Not receiving Scoutbook emails anymore

Starting somewhere around the end of January of this year (2023) I stopped receiving any emails from Scoutbook. Our pack leader has tried to figure out what the issue is and reported it, but with no resolution. I have checked my account and I can’t seem to find the problem. I have checked the spam filters on both the server and my clients, and I don’t seem the emails there either.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Bill Burnam

You are set as email opt out.
First login and click on Edit Profile and make sure your contact information is correct.
Then login to Scoutbook and then click on My Account
then Email and make sure the Opt Out toggle is to the left and gray

That will opt you back into email

Thank you for that help! I have no idea how I managed to set that to opt out, I don’t remember even logging into the profile in forever. However, I really appreciate you finding that and pointing me in the right direction! Now that I have made the change, is there an easy way to test it is working or just wait for to make sure I get a message from my Troop?

Ask your unit leader to send you an individual message.


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