I can’t see my children

I just tried logging into scoutbook and it lets me login but I’m no longer linked to my kids! Help
Circle 10 council pack 2022

@EmilyFlorez you are still connected - click administration from the dashboard to see My Family

Thanks… I wonder if it was a scoutbook glitch. I had been on it that morning but when I tried several different times and ways to login during our meeting to show a new parent, it wouldn’t show my kids… but now it’s working…. Not sure what changed unless it was a glitch

@EmilyFlorez Sorry, I fixed your issue last night by merging your Scoutbook accounts, but I had to send something to the developers to investigate.

We have been having trouble getting her registered online as a den leader, so maybe there is a glitch in her account? I don’t remember what the error was.

@RobertBrodner The issue is that she has 2 BSA member ID numbers.

Both are supposed to belong to Circle Ten. However, one says that it belongs to Longhorn. The issue that I sent to the developers is to find out why one of them says Longhorn, when the registrations on both numbers belong to Circle Ten.

Their entire pack, and troop under the same CO, moved from Longhorn to Circle Ten last year due to the CO moving to a new location across the council border. I believe there were issues with a lot of the scouts and scouters accounts being moved.

I think I understand now.

For Emily, 14185055 belongs to Circle Ten Council and is currently set as primary at my.scouting. The other number belongs to Longhorn, and is a secondary number for her.

My bsa number is: 13020061
I shouldn’t have a second. I have an application that I need to turn in to council. My pack got transferred but somehow I didn’t. All of my trainings and ypt are under the 13020061. So if I somehow got another number it just need’s removed.

@EmilyFlorez - a change of council requires a new BSA ID as each council has its own pool of ID numbers

So are my trainings transferred over??? I really do not want to do the ypt again! I have to do this 3 times (bsa, Girl Scouts and church) and I’m already done until next fall… I don’t want to spend another hour watching the same thing.
And how do I have a number? I tried online but didn’t finish because it asked for $60+ and all I was told was to apply online, or turn the application in. I wasn’t told of a fee… our pack pays for returning leaders, which is me! I’ve been a leader (regardless if scoutbook or whatever site says otherwise) for the past 5 years. I literally do not have $60 free after paying the initial troop dues, and starting my Girl Scout troop. Im tapped. So as far as I understand my application hasn’t been submitted because I have it…


I found 2 BSA Member IDs (MIDs) for you. The one you provided was last registered in 2021 as a Den Leader. The other is only a Tiger Cub Adult which is not a registered leader position.

I only see 1 my.scouting.org ID which is the portion of you e-mail address before the @. Both of your BSA Member IDs are attached to this my.scouting.org ID with the number you provided listed as secondary. This number is assigned to Longhorn Council which Jennifer indicated earlier.

Both MIDs are showing the same training with YPT expiring 10/4/24.

You will need to work with your pack to determine how your fees need to be paid.

So it states I’m a tiger cub parent when my son is a wolf??? Can any of y’all list me as wolf den leader?? I can talk with the committee to find out what’s going on with the payment… but it would be amazing if I can see the den again. It’s been hard tracking separately without access

The Tiger Adult position ended 5/31/23. There is no Wolf Adult position because only Lions and Tigers have adult partners.

You will not be able to see the den until you are a registered leader.

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As @edavignon noted, your registration as a DL has to be completed with the council before you can be listed (and have access) as a DL in Scoutbook. Reaching out to your unit to close the loop on where that application is would probably be a good first step there. Ultimately, though, it’s down to when the registered scouter application is processed by your council. Then, a day or so later, you should appear in the official roster at my.scouting, should will then flow out to Scoutbook.

In general, if you are previously registered (either as a registered scouter or as a scout parent/guardian role), even in a different council, including your BSA ID number from that prior registration on your application is essential to help the registrar tie the records together, even if they can’t “see” the out-of-council registration. If nothing else, they can reach up the chain to nationals for assistance on channels not available to us as volunteer scouters to get that association done.

Don’t worry Emily, if you end up with a new BSA ID number, they are easy to merge. You won’t lose any of your trainings. The important thing is to get your application turned in to Circle Ten Council. Keep bugging Ben or whomever has it to get it turned in. You can even scan it and email it in. Reach out to me if you need to go that route.

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