I cannot do several things in Scoutbook

I’m an Admin for my Pack so should have mostly universal abilities to edit in Scoutbook for my Pack but I’m having trouble with simple things.

  1. I go to Quick Entry an Adventure for my Den after a meeting, and it only gives me the option for my own Scout in the Den, not all Scouts in my Den.

  2. I go to update each Scout’s advancement individually and there is no option to enter a date. It’s just a blank screen. So I can no longer even update my Scouts there.

Anybody else having trouble lately?

Well the first thing that might be causing it is I cannot find a Registered position for you?

On the Admin - go to unit page > roster > click your name > click admin position > click update - see if that helps

I can’t click on my name. I can click on individual Scouts, but not myself.

have a different admin do what I suggested for you then

ok. I’ll reach out. Any idea as to why this is just now happening?


It looks to me as if you are a Den Leader in Scoutbook but not registered as a Den Leader. The first thing I would do do is contact your Council to find out why you are not registered if you completed an adult application. If you have not completed an adult application, you need to do that first. Make sure you put your BSA Member ID (MID) that is listed in Scoutbook on the application so they do not generate a 2nd MID for you. Alternately, if you Council and unit allows, you can complete an adult application online using your my.scouting.org ID and password.

Any idea who at Circle Ten Council to contact?

@NicholasPalmos - the registrar would be my default on this one. But reading is an acquired skill.

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