I can't view training videos on my pc

I cannot view training videos on myscouting.org When I click on the start video button, a new window entitled “Watch Course” opens, but the video doesn’t load and nothing appears in the frame. This has occurred for several training videos. I have viewed some on my Android cell phone, but the formatting is off and I cannot see everything on the screen. That is particularly problematic when trying to answer the self-test as I get questions wrong because I cannot see the entire question. I am using Google Chrome on an old Fujitsu PC (Windows v 8.3) but I saw Youth Protection videos last year with no problem on the same pc. My Android is a few months old (a Docomo phone in Japan). Both the PC and Android show videos on Youtube or Twitter/X with no problem, but I struggle with BS Training. Any suggestions? I have screenshots but don’t know how to attach them here. Thank you in advance. YIS Walter

@WalterAltherr - what is your version of Chrome and i suggest turning off any pop up blockers

Make sure your window is set to 100% and not zoomed in

Thank you for your replies. I paused my pop-up blocker but it made no difference. I am using
:Version 109.0.5414.165 (Official Build) (64-bit)
of Chrome. Because I am not using Windows 10, I cannot upgrade to the most recent version of Chrome. I also tried to veiw the videos in Firefox but they didn’t show up their either. I had Zoomed my Chrome window to 80%, but I I reset to 100% and tried again; the video still didn’t run.

@WalterAltherr - an unsupported version of the OS and an unsupported version of the browser equals you are on your own. Sorry, but you will either have to find a person with a current OS and browser to let you use it or a public pc that is hopefully up to date.

I am having the same problem on Chrome and Edge. No videos. I was able to take my YPT several weeks ago, but all other training videos are not working. Everything is up to date on my end. I think it’s a scouting.org issue.

@MatthewCoats - have you tried an incognito session and made sure any pop-up blocking is off

Pop-up blockers, yes, incognito mode, no.

I’ll be darned, the incognito mode worked for me.

It set the scaling to some crazy value that I am unable to duplicate in non-incognito mode.

Thank you, Stephen!

@MatthewCoats - excellent and glad that worked. This means you need to look at your browser settings to see where it stopped you from taking the training.

All my settings are default. As long as I have a work around, I don’t want to mess with any settings.

Thanks again!

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Same problem for me. Windows 11, latest version of Chrome and Edge. Tried incognito and turning off popup blockers. No problem with videos on any other site.