I deleted a new scout when reassigning them to a den!

I’ve seen this topic answered several times and I’ve tried the suggested methods but to no avail. I deleted a brand new scout when I was moving them into a den. I’m the CC so I can see the scout is still in my.scouting.org but I can’t get them back.

I’m still waiting on my council to fix an adult leader that disappeared after a recharter glitch in January, so I’m hesitant to ask for help with a new person.

Post their bsa member number (no names) and we should be able to sync them back in.

If it is P Moore - I setup a sync to get them back in pack should be tonight. Go to the Den and click the Reassign button to get them in

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It was them and I can see them again. You are amazing! The adult is 13822950 if you are able to sync them too. If not we have roundtable coming up soon.

Thank you for your help!

The adult with BSA member number 13822950 is not currently registered (not on your Roster at my.scouting), so there isn’t a position for us to sync.

You will need to work with your local council to get this adult registered.

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