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I have a parent with multiple SB profiles that I need merged

A parent of two of our Cubs has had multiple profiles in Scoutbook since they transferred from another Pack two years ago. We didn’t address it because she was able to see her kids just fine and I had assumed she was just using two different emails accounts. Now she is taking on a role with the Committee and her YPT certificate that she forwarded to me has a Member ID that doesn’t match either of her existing SB profiles. My concern is that when I submit her application to our Council she will end up with a third SB profile being generated and causing issues. I need some assistance getting her down to one profile that has connections to her kids and has the correct Member ID to match her training profile.

@CorwinLoreman go to edit profile and post the User ID’s here and we can look at it

@DonovanMcNeil - I have a multiple parent listing:

ID’s as entered by council:
bsa id: 137501487
SB ID: 12196151

ID’s entered/created by parent:
bsa id: 14044021
SB ID: 12201260


The DOBs do not match. Let us know which MID has the correct DOB and we will be able to properly merge the records. Since neither of these have been registered, the Council can merge the MIDs and retain either one.

@edavignon - the council created MID was based off of the application which did not have a DOB. I would gather that the user when creating the account entered their DOB.


I have merged the accounts and fixed the DOB on MID 137501487. I added MID 137501487 to the member’s my.scouting.org ID.

I suggest contacting your Council and asking them to merge MID 14044021 into 137501487.

@edavignon - thanks much appreciated

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I’ll just go ahead and take my thread back here then.

Thanks for reaching out @edavignon. The parent has the following two profiles that are connected to her Cubs.



And then the MID that was on her most recent YPT certificate is 13111560. Any help you can offer in getting these merged before I submit her leadership application would be appreciated.

@CorwinLoreman these are fixed

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil