I need help merging 2 my.scouting accounts

I am currently with Transatlantic council and my BSA ID is 13670403. I registered my son as a Lion with Imperial Council and when doing so was given a BSA ID of 140386438. Now I am getting the duplicate account message and the Pack Committee Chair is unable to find me so they sent me a new account invite using the Imperial Council member ID. When switching back to the TAC member ID I lose all account functionality, and have been unable to have my scout linked to me. Any assistance in resolving this would be awesome.

@JohnO_Connor-Judy OK I cleaned up some - but what council are you actively living serving in? If it is just the MBC / Nova positions those are universal.

Mr. McNeil, thanks for getting that sorted. I am still serving in TAC and in the process of moving over to Imperial Council.

@JohnO_Connor-Judy OK I put your TAC as Primary and on the SB User for now