I need some email address fixed in scoutbook

My name is Kay Burt and I am the advancement chairman for troop 369 and I need some email address fixed for two scouts in Scout book. Can someone email me so I can give them the details to fix them? my email is kay.burt16@yahoo.com. thank you

The email addresses of youth are updated by the parents/guardians.

It is a parents email address and name that needs to be fixed. I did not want to enter their name and email address for everyone to see. I want to send it to someone who can fix it.

The parent can fix there own email address under their account - unless they are getting that email is already in use - the name only Council can fix under User Profile

Youth email addresses are changed by the parent. Parent emails are changed by the parent. Name issues are solved by having one of the Key 3 (or the parent) contact your council registrar.

I don’t believe this is true. I think the youth need to change their own.

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You may be right but parents have full control over a Scout’s Scoutbook and should be able to change it.

Well, not name, MID, DOB, etc.

I don’t believe they can, though.

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@Matt.Johnson is correct and I am in error. A Scout must change their email, an parent must change their own email.

This does not prevent the parent from using the Scout’s login and changing it themselves.

Matt, thank you for pointing out my error.

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This is a good point and good work around. A “deal” I have with my daughters is to have their passwords for the systems they have access to.

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