I tried to delete and tagged for deletion, but it is still here

I tried to delete this numerous times as it was hopefully a one time issue. Scoutbook will not let me delete this for some reason.


Check the Scout’s membership page and see if they have an active membership in anther unit. If they do, this is where these connections came from. Since the parents are not able to break these connections, I suspect these are admins for another unit for which these Scouts have an active membership in Scoutbook. Until this membership is ended, these admins will remain connected.

The scouts don’t have membership in any other units. I already checked that. Also, some of these adults are showing membership in our unit, but they aren’t names we know and they don’t show on our roster in Scoutbook. The council couldn’t even find them as registered scouters. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Click on their name, click on their membership and end membership.

@NicoleSwenson 2 sets of eyes might help figure it out - if you would like to do a Screenshare I can set that up

If you look at their positions, click on the current position in your unit, what, if anything, does it say in the notes field?

They have no position. It just says our unit under their profile photo in the connections screen, but they don’t actually show on our unit roster and I can’t click on them.

@NicoleSwenson - I think another set of eyes would help… either Donovan or myself can run a screen share to take a look. You can email me at shornak@bloomberg.net if you wish.

Are their connection types parent/guardian, adult leader, other family member, or merit badge counselor?

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“Another set of eyes” will not help. I’ve had numerous people from my own unit look at it. Plus, there is at least one other unit in our council that has discovered this same issue and they are also trying to figure it out. I did receive a reply from Scoutbook help today. They said to sent the names of the scouts and adults who shouldn’t be connected and they’d fix it. I’m really hoping they are looking into how this happened so it doesn’t happen again.

By the way, our council does not use Scoutbook for merit badge councilors because there is no way to control who is listed. They could be people who are not actual councilors. So, be careful if you are trying to use that feature on Scoutbook. Your scouts may get to their eagle boards and discover that their merit badges are not valid because the councilors were not registered scouters.

All the connections state “Adult Leader” when the person is not even on our unit roster much less a leader.

Councils can fully control MBCs if they choose to - that is your councils decision.

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@NicoleSwenson - well I was only looking to help and did not anticipate your reply. Next time I will not even bother. Now on the MBC list, if the council uploads the list they then maintain the list and not units. So a bit of mis-information there.

Another set of eyes could also help diagnose the root cause. Donovan and Stephen are generally better at that than member care.

Nichole, this is not correct. If a council uploads a merit badge counselor list to Scoutbook, anyone in the council who is not on the list has their MBC position removed in Scoutbook. There is a FAQ on what happens here. If anyone from your council would like to discuss this with us, ask them to send an email to: SUACInformation@gmail.com

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