Scout missing from IA Roster Builder Report

I’m pulling a report for star, life and eagle scouts using Scoutbook Troop Reports which sends me to a screen that looks like IA and says: “Scoutbook
Report Builder Designer” Issue: One scout is selected in the report builder manager, but is NOT showing on the report…at all-completely missing.

Scout is a Life Scout. I can pull up his Indiv. Advancement Record just fine. It is when I create a report that he is missing. I tried toggling, saving, rerunning already.
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Please assist,

Interestingly, scout appears on older reports, such as a report pulling 1st class requirements, also made in Roster Builder Designer.

@MarjorieMcLean what exact settings did you use?

I selected the scouts who are at these ranks for our Troop. Star Ranks, Life Ranks, Eagle Scout Ranks & and Merit Badges Eagle Scout badges only. The other 6 scouts show up fine on the report. This scout shows up not at all. I also reran the report with only the one missing scout selected and the report produced says “no scouts”

Settings: show % complete, show dates, show req descript, show empty reqs, show current rank, show current rank date, abbreviate lst names, show age, show header each page, show completed eagle palms, how mb and include scouts started not complete, show merit badges and include scouts who have started selected badges.

@DonovanMcNeil I included the settings above. I went back to the 1st class report the scout appeared correctly on and added the addl ranks and he pulled into the report, so I did some cut and pasting to make it work. (Still not sure why he’s missing from the new report (which was built off the 1st class rpt that works fine.) Anyways close for now with the workaround.