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IA 2.0 award codes for upload file

Our Pack is trying to upload advancement records from ScoutTrack to Scoutbook (IA 2.0). ScoutTrack generates a file that excludes many of the “extra” awards (Shooting sports, SS pins, summertime pack pin, cub scout outdoor activity award…) If we had a copy of the table with the advancement type and “code” for these extra awards we could build a quick upload file. Any help would be appreciated.

The BSA has not published this information. You will need to work with ScoutTrack to have them to update their software to provide the appropriate file.

Thanks Ed. ScoutTrack isn’t very responsive which is part of why we’re moving.

Can I ask 2 related questions?

  1. Will IA2.0 take an upload for past years? Like for a rising AOL, can we push their tiger thru Webelos 1 ranks and awards in one upload? Or is it limited to their current rank/den in Scoutbook?

  2. If we just decide to manually add the extra awards (its a fairly small list), can we add the tiger and wolf summertime pins or shooting sports to a scout who is currently in a Bear den?

Your file can include awards for previous years.

For awards that are linked to a den level, such as summertime pins and shooting sports, I recommend logging in to Scoutbook, assigning the Scouts to dens then adding the awards. Internet Advancement does not handle these awards properly as it looks at the last rank earned instead of the Scout’s current den to determine which award to record. Scoutbook will allow you to add any award up to and before the den the Scout is currently a member of.

The easiest way to get your Scouts into dens in Scoutbook is to create the dens with Add Den on the pack page then go to that den and use Reassign Scout(s). After the Scouts are in dens, you can use Quick Entry to add an adward for multiple Scouts at the same time. The completion date will be the same for all the selected Scouts.