IA Activities Report not showing camping days/nights for Patrol started that month

I have a patrol of scouts that were approved in Scoutbook by council as of 5-May-2021. We had a campout on 14-May through 16-May-2021 that the entire patrol attended. When I run the activities report from IA (parameters: date scouts joined, 1/1/2021 to current) nothing is showing for this campout for that patrol, although the members are recorded when I view the individual entry and all the other scouts and adults that were on the campout are accurately reflected on the IA activities report. The campout only shows for this patrol if I use parameter: All Dates.

Since these patrol members were approved members at the time of the campout, why are they not appearing when using the “date scouts joined” option?

SB User ID: 404785
Patrol: Hawk

The “Date Joined Scouts BSA” is a manual entry in the Edit Extended Info in Scoutbook. It isn’t automatically set based on when registration was processed by council.


@KimberlyWilliams - is there anything in their date joined scouts bsa… and @CharleyHamilton always types faster than I do