IA Activities summary not showing camping nights for one new Scout

New Scout is registered in Scoutbook; member 14142066
Our re-charter was delayed until 3/21/22 where he first became a member.
He was recorded as an attendee for a previous event on 1/14/22; 2 nights, 2 days, 1 Frost point.
IA Activity report still shows 0 nights camped.

Can you help? Wondering if our delayed re-charter(his initial registration) is causing this issue.

I see the Scout’s camping on 1/14/22 in his record. Go into his profile in Scoutbook and check the Date Joined Scouts BSA. Set it to his actual start date. I suspect the system is using either 3/26/22 or 4/11/22 as these were the dates his membership came into Scoutbook and he earned Scout rank respectively.

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