Red Scouting App event missing

The red scouting app is missing some events. I checked the IA and SB calendar and the event is there? The event is just not on the red scouting app that all parents use for communication. If the IA calendar is pushing events to the red scouting app then all events should be visible. I event forced a reminder from the hidden event in IA and it came thru the emails but missing in the scouting app.

Note: we only have 1 calendar for the pack, we all use it and get email reminders from it.

Is everyone invited? If folks aren’t invitees, the event won’t show up for them, I believe.

Everyone is invited. I (ACM) was the one who noticed it on the red scouting app.


So, something is behaving differently between the events on 2/5, 2/16, 2/17, and 2/18 compared to all of the other dates. I can’t see your calendar (I’m just a unit-level scouter), but is there anything that makes those events different from the others?

For example, are they all-day events? Subsequent days for an event starting on a previous day? Multiple units? Activity attached to the event?

Which calendar is which in your screenshots? I assume the first calendar is from IA2 (advancements.scouting) and the latter is from the app?

ETA: I’m not seeing any missing events for my unit between the app, Scoutbook and IA2, but I’m also a unit Key 3 Delegate, so I generally have visibility of events even with no invitees.

It must be something with the event type field. As soon as I changed it from “Den Meeting” to “other” (2/5) or “Day/family camp out” it fixed it and popped up on the app.

Not sure what is going on there but if someone doesn’t know to look for the missing event it appears no event is happening.

1st pick is IA, 2nd pic is the app.

So I have a work around fix now. Change event type. Until the bug is identified and fixed.

Are the scouts assigned to dens? Normally, Den Meeting event types are set up on the den calendar (rather than pack calendar), and the scouts/parents/leaders invited to the event are assigned to the den. I don’t recall even being able to set up den meetings on the pack calendar before. At least that was the way the software worked when I was a den leader, although that was quite a while ago now.

This was on the pack level calendar. We don’t use den level calendars, everything just goes on the pack level calendar. Strange thing was some den meeting types showed up and others did not. It wasn’t a hyper links or reminders or length of text that was an issue. Has to be something else.

@ThomasCline - the den meeting type should be used on the respective den calendar. That is what its purpose is. Using it outside of an actual den and especially dens without people associated to them could lead to your issue.

Our Scout’s are assigned to dens in the IA roster and SB roster. We just don’t run IA den level calendar as that is too much for our pack leaders to maintain. All our dens meet at the same building with the troop. (Troop has their own calendar). Just doesn’t make sense to run multiple calendars that will all say the same thing mostly. Never had this issue before now, so not sure what changed? I’m pretty observant and haven’t noticed this error before.

If that is what den meeting event type is programmed to do then I will be force to use “other” from now on. Seems counter intuitive when i could use the type to convey what type of meeting it is to parents, now I have to say “other” for majority of events and I don’t think normal Den Meetings fit the “other” category.

Either way, I have a temporary fix now. Thank you to all who viewed and took time to respond in an expedited way. This is why I come here for questions and answers.

@ThomasCline - if you notice that when you select the pack calendar the option for den meeting does not exist. That is what i was stating. You would need to select a den calendar to have den meeting as an option. That is how it has been since the inception of the calendar.

Definitely sounds like there a bug there somewhere if it’s letting you select an event type (den meeting) that’s not supposed to go with a calendar type (Pack). Am I understanding that correctly?

At the Pack level IA calendar it does let you select all the options including Den Meeting.

@ThomasCline - i was looking only at the scoutbook calendar as that restricted den meeting as an option only in the den calendar.

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