IA displays protected information?

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this or if it’s even an issue (I could not find any reference in the forums).

As a Den Leader/Den Admin, I can only see the personal information for my scouts. Which is how it should be, I’m not connected to any other scout in the Pack. However, in IA, I can see all the personal information for everyone in the Pack.

I’ve added some screenshots below, with redactions. In this example I selected a scout not in a Den, H. T. This applies to anyone outside of my Lion Den. I get the prompt (as expected) that I’m not connected to this scout so I can’t see any info.

In IA, you’ll see (take my word for it) the full name, DOB, address, phone number, email address (if listed), school, etc.

So should should IA be protecting this information or is Scoutbook to restrictive?

@TravisStephens - the connection manager in scoutbook is what provides the restriction. If your pack decided to grant view rights to all scouts then you would see the information. Since IA also drives recharter and for users who do not use scoutbook it provides more info to registered leaders. At least that is my understanding