IA not showing all my Organizations

My BSA ID is 123707130
I am the scoutmaster for our boys troop, Crew Advisor for our venture crew and committee chair for our girls troop. When I go into IA, at the top when I click on the BSA Logo to change organizations, it only shows the boys troop, and then parent/guardian selections in the dropdown. It used to allow me to access the girl’s troop and the venture crew, but now I can no longer access them. This means that I cannot add service hours, camping or hiking for these units.
Please fix ASAP… I need to get these hours input.

@JayWatson this is turned into developers

Now I am only a parent… I don’t even have my scoutmaster dropdown…

This is a known issue. The developers are giving it top priority.

I posted this in another thread but we also have the same issue. Wife and I are removed from Key 3 positions and are now only listed as parents and have no access to add members. Glad to see they are working on it.

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