Unable to view Scout's IA info and more

We have a scout in our troop who transferred from another troop. He shows up in the troop roster on my.scouting.org, but now in Scoutbook his record shows no BSA ID, and in Internet Advancement when I check his record, I no longer see his activities and it tells me I am not authorized to view his advancement. I am the Scoutmaster in the troop. His BSA ID is 128932692 in our roster report, and blank in ScoutBook. Is this something that can be updated/fixed in IA and ScoutBook? At some point he had two records in Scoutbook, but it seems the fix to remove one record created other issues. Is this something that can be fixed and by whom?

Anders Monsen
Scoutmaster | Troop 809

@AndersMonsen I have merged his Scoutbook accounts, so this should be fixed now.

Thank you! This is fixed.

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